V-Empower is focusing on leading-edge technologies for analysis, design and implementation.

Launched Products


Meet Hour (Video Conference App)

Meet Hour is 100% free video conference solution with End to End Encrypted and many other features such as lobby mode, Donor box for fundraising, Video call recording, Youtube Live Stream etc. For more details visit www.meethour.io

Wakuk (Mobile App)

A ride haling App with no surge pricing and with a subscription model with a focus on service providers and consumers.

SendwithMe (HTML5 Responsive Web app)

is an alternative platform for package delivery – through individuals versus courier services.

XCATER (HTML5 Responsive Web app)

is a platform that connects home cooks to hungry, local customers. After all, there’s nothing like a home-cooked meal!

PG Now (Mobile App)

is an application that consolidates and presents local news stories for citizens of Prince George’s County, Maryland, U.S.A.

Present Products


V-Empower GitHub (Microsoft Teams App)

lets you securely manage Pull Requests/Issues made by others right inside Teams TAB.

Stashdeal (Web and Mobile App)

is an app that connects Indian customers to great deals from local businesses

mpConnect (Mobile App)

allows Indian citizens to contact their members of Parliament

Raaheela Ahmed (Mobile App)

is an engagement tool for a local elected official to maintain contact with her constituency.

Past Products


StateDemocracy (Web Portal)

connect U.S. citizens to their federal and state lawmakers

Lobby Delegates (HTML5 Responsive Web app)

is a platform for U.S. Democrats to lobby Super Delegates

Unicaster (Mobile App)

is an information broadcasting application that connects organizations and leaders with their followers or target audience.