Haryana Governer launches revised version of political website

Haryana Guv launches revised version of political website
New Delhi, Aug 17 (UNI)

Haryana Governor A R Kidwai today launched the revised version of the political networking site www.indiademoracy.org, for providing quality service to people where each and every citizen of the country can now network and communicate with each other regarding any issues relating to India.

The site is created by V-Empower, Inc. a US-based company with its presence in Hyderabad, India, Speaking on the occasion, Dr Kidwai said the Internet has become an effective medium for communication, lowering the costs of such and allowing people to have access to any information relatively quickly and simply.

He said nowadays people are relying on the Internet for activities in business, educational and other sectors. ''This is an Internet Revolution in India and such an effort will take time to grow but I am glad that the awareness is quite distinct at the moment,'' he added.

The Vice President of V-Empower Inc., Mr Saud Khan (Sam), said www.indiademocracy.org is V-Empower's effort to bring Indians together and the site was introduced in 2002. He said since its inception, the IndiaDemocracy team had continually aimed at enhancing this platform for the common man to raise issues and concerns and bring it to the attention of our law makers and keepers and to the concerned citizen.

Dr Kidwani said the IndiaDemocracy site has directed thousands of e-mails from concerned citizens to their elected officials.

Mr Khan said the site users are able to post the latest news, ongoing issues/concerns, articles and blogs to educate and raise awareness among Indians about political affairs and such happenings.

He said so far hundreds of articles, news articles and blogs have been posted by users, keeping other www.indiademocracy.org users informed.

The President and CEO of NETUTRY, a teaming partner of V-Empower, Inc, Mr Sachin Agrawal said the site caters to web 2.0 and has similar features like in any social networking website, such as orkut.com or myspace.com. He said in its current state, the site has an average of 2000 hits per day and currently has over 40,000 registered members and continuously growing.

He said the value add to the general mass is that a common citizen can now contact their elected representative by simply submitting a form on the website. The portal also allows like minded people to exchange views on current affairs, comment on any news publication or even launch their own sub website within this portalsuch as www.yourname.indiademocracy.org.