Our humble beginning in the year 2000 and journey so far in:   
2019 milestone

A ride haling App with no surge pricing and with a subscription model with a focus on service providers and consumers.
Passenger India:

Passenger Guam & Marshalls Island:

Partner India:

Partner Guam & Marshalls Island:

Passenger India:

Partner India:

2018 milestone

An App which provides vendors to offer discounts to consumers in real time.




2017 milestone
We built Individual Apps for over a dozen elected officials, two currently active are:

Jeremy Newmark
Jeremy Newmark is the candidate for Finchley and Golders Green Labour Party.

Raaheela Ahmed
is an engagement tool for a local elected official to maintain contact with her constituency.

PG Now
PG Now is an application that brings news related to Prince George County USA.

2016 milestone
We rebuilt www.mpconnect.in a responsive design for the citizens of India to engage their elected officials

mpConnect is an app which lists you the member of parliament, ordered by their names or constituencies.

Working on www.xcater.com which is to be rolled out in 2017

We built a conceptual design of News App for the Presidential Campaign 2016 and shared with both key contacts of Democratic National Committee and Republican National Committee
2015 milestone
We built two incredible Web-Based Apps
  1. A platform for a Church/Faith Based community to facilitate funding and investments by investors to entrepreneurs
  2. A platform for smaller islands in the Pacific where employers can provide advances to their employees to avoid taking high interest loans from loan sharks
2014 milestone
Developed an App mpConnect (www.mpconnect.in) to Connect Ciitizens with Elected OfficialsThis App was made for voters of India

Developed an App UniCaster, A communication & engagement measuring tool for educational institutions, local governments, celebrities, campaigns and individuals
It does the following:

  • Target (Supporters/Citizens/Students/Members of an Campaign, Local Government, Institution or Organizations)
  • Engage (Seek their input/feedback)
  • Measure (Real-Time Impact)

2013 milestone

  • Initiated building IOS/Android Apps to connect citizens with their elected representatives at the national level in India (To be launched in September)
  • Initiated developing www.samplespace.com In Analysis & Design Phase and hope to begin development late in 2013
  • Revamped corporate website www.v-empower.com
  • Assisted an Artist and Entrepreneur to launch his Art (www.khalidzameer.com)
  • Initiated the process of teaming up with Robert Nelson to launch www.insidemapping.com
  • Teamed up with an entrepreneur to develop (www.plantarian.net)
  • In negotiation to establish strategic relationship with www.text2them.com and www.geomemeonline.com

2012 milestone

  • Developed online/digital Strategy for Three Teenage School Board Candidates in early January
  • Helped three teenagers: David Murray, Edward Burroughs, and Raaheela Ahmed win their respective Primaries in early April (www.raaheela.com/ www.edwardburroughs.com / www.davidhmurray.com)
  • Shut down www.mddemocracy.com and opened up a source code to be shared with several State Legislators
  • Built about half a dozen Facebook Applications for Clients
  • Mentored & Assisted Three Entrepreneurs to sign-up customers and enhance their products

2011 milestone

  • Re-launched www.mddemocracy.com
  • Teamed up with two teenagers to launch www.sendwithme.com in early March
  • Began working on www.ridetheway.com in late May
  • Developed Expertise in the field of Mobile Applications
  • Signed a strategic relationship with www.clickandpledge.com
  • Closed Statedemocracy Foundation (non-profit status)

2010 milestone

  • Assisted 30 elected officials/candidates for their web presence, social media strategy and search engine marketing
  • Launched several iPhone applications including an application which allowed Maryland voters to find their polling locations as well as verify their voter registration & absentee ballot status
  • Launched www.pgballot.com which enabled Prince George’s county voters and candidates to make their own sample ballots
  • Transferred ownership of Digitsec to Waqas Nazir
  • Closed ezCampaigns business and gave the clients lists and source code to a friend
  • Ranked 46th in Local Giving by Washington Business Journal in Washington DC area

2009 milestone

2008 milestone

2007 milestone

2006 milestone

2005 milestone

2004 milestone

2003 milestone

2002 milestone

2001 milestone

2000 milestone

  • Began development work for www.StateDemocracy.com (A web-tool which connected US citizens/residents with their elected officials at the Federal & State Level)
  • Registered V-Empower, Inc. in October 2000 with State of Maryland
  • Completed all paperwork related to formation of a company
  • Recruited 2 Contract employees to work with the Founder (Shukoor Ahmed)
  • Built www.mddemocracy.com, 1st ever application to connect Marylanders with their elected officials