Our humble beginning in the year 2000 and journey so far in:   

2020 milestone

  • Built and launched www.meethour.io A totally free video conferencing app with up to 55 participants that ensures good sound and video quality. It got instant acceptability in several countries around the globe.


  • Built www.jaaydat.com (An App which enables property owners to keep tab on their properties with the help of an assigned property management company)

2019 milestone

The year saw us enter new domain of cab-service in Hyderabad. In the backdrop of app-based taxi service getting increasingly popular over the last few years, we thought of coming up with a more versatile and easier-to-use app that would have greater acceptability to both, the driver and the rider. With this view in mind, we entered an altogether new arena of app-based cab service and christened it Wakuk – ‘ride with me’ in Marshallese language. Wakuk is the first Taxi-service that promises to provide 24-hour surge-free fixed rate with higher returns to owner/driver while at the same time providing more savings to the rider. Consequently, we launched www.wakuk.com containing functionalities similar to those of Uber and Lyft with a subscription model.

A ride haling App with no surge pricing and with a subscription model with a focus on service providers and consumers.
Passenger India:

Passenger Guam & Marshalls Island:

Partner India:

Partner Guam & Marshalls Island:

Passenger India:

Partner India:

2018 milestone

The year saw modest scale of activities that included relaunching www.mddemocracy.com and initiation of work on www.ridetheway.com. We also launched www.sendwithme.com with four teenage entrepreneurs.

An App which provides vendors to offer discounts to consumers in real time.



2017 milestone
We built Individual Apps for over a dozen elected officials, two currently active are:

Jeremy Newmark
Jeremy Newmark is the candidate for Finchley and Golders Green Labour Party.

Raaheela Ahmed
is an engagement tool for a local elected official to maintain contact with her constituency.

PG Now
PG Now is an application that brings news related to Prince George County USA.

2016 milestone

We built a conceptual design of News App for the Presidential Campaign 2016 and shared with both key contacts of Democratic National Committee and Republican National Committee. Began working on www.xcater.com and completed in 2018. We rebuilt www.mpConnect.in a responsive design for the citizens of India to engage their elected officials.

Launched www.mpConnect.in

Began working on www.xcater.com
  • We built a conceptual design of News App for the Presidential Campaign 2016 and shared with both key con tacts of Democratic National Committee and Republican National Committee.

2015 milestone

In the year, 2015, we built two incredible Web-based Apps, viz

  1. A platform for a Church/Faith Based community to facilitate funding and investments by investors to entrepreneurs
  2. A platform for smaller islands in the Pacific where employers can provide advances to their employees to avoid taking high interest loans from loan sharks

2014 milestone

The year proved to be a hectic one. The Company brought out a unique app (mpConnect) that created a platform for interaction between the citizens of India with their elected representatives, like MPs and MLAs. Another App UniCaster was developed that was primarily a communication and engagement measuring tool for educational institutions, local governments and others. The activities undertaken during the year are summed up as follows.

Developed an App mpConnect (www.mpconnect.in) to Connect Ciitizens with Elected OfficialsThis App was made for voters of India

Developed an App UniCaster, A communication & engagement measuring tool for educational institutions, local governments, celebrities, campaigns and individuals
It does the following:

  • Target (Supporters/Citizens/Students/Members of an Campaign, Local Government, Institution or Organizations)
  • Engage (Seek their input/feedback)
  • Measure (Real-Time Impact)

2013 milestone

Our productivity this year was fairly low while we were taking stock of huge losses starting the year 2010. It took us three years more to get a feel-good mood although we continued working with a scale-down team and operations.

  • Initiated building IOS/Android Apps to connect citizens with their elected representatives at the national level in India (To be launched in September)
  • Began building www.samplespace.com (We could not launch it. It was a platform to provide detailed insight on domain addresses)
  • Revamped corporate website www.v-empower.com
  • Assisted an Artist and Entrepreneur to launch his Art (www.khalidzameer.com)
  • Initiated the process of teaming up with Robert Nelson to launch www.insidemapping.com
  • Worked with www.text2them.com to expand their reach

2012 milestone

During the year the Company built up half-a-dozen Facebook applications. We streamlined several products and shut many of them down. The relevant source code was opened and shared with several State Legislators. We provided active assistance to three young contestants win their Primaries. The Company developed online/digital strategy for these teenagers who were School Board candidates. Further, we also mentored and assisted three entrepreneurs to signup customers and enhance their products.

  • Developed online/digital Strategy for Three Teenage School Board Candidates in early January
  • Helped three teenagers: David Murray, Edward Burroughs, and Raaheela Ahmed win their respective Primaries in early April (www.raaheela.com/ www.edwardburroughs.com / www.davidhmurray.com)
  • Built about half a dozen Facebook Applications for Clients
  • Mentored & Assisted Three Entrepreneurs to sign-up customers and enhance their products

2011 milestone

The year saw modest scale of activities that included relaunching www.mddemocracy.com, and initiation of work on www.ridetheway.com. We also launched www.sendwithme.com with four teenage entrepreneurs.

  • Re-launched www.mddemocracy.com
  • Teamed up with two teenagers to launch www.sendwithme.com in early March
  • Began working on www.ridetheway.com in late May
  • Developed Expertise in the field of Mobile Applications
  • Signed a strategic relationship with www.clickandpledge.com
  • Closed Statedemocracy Foundation and gave away its source code and technology to couple of other non-profit units. We reached the mission we had set out to achieve in 2000 as new technologies emerged.

2010 milestone

We provided active assistance to 30 elected officials/candidates in their web presence and helped them in devising strategies for social media. We put together their digital strategies. The company also focussed on iPhone applications where we launched several applications, including one specifically for Maryland voters. This application helped the voters locate their polling stations and verify their voter registration and absentee ballot status. The year will also be known for transferring ownership of Digitsec to Waqas Nazir and for closing ezCampaigns business. The source code and client-list of the latter was passed on to whoever sought the source code.

  • Assisted 30 elected officials/candidates for their web presence, social media strategy and search engine marketing
  • Launched several iPhone applications including an application which allowed Maryland voters to find their polling locations as well as verify their voter registration & absentee ballot status
  • Launched www.pgballot.com which enabled Prince George’s county voters and candidates to make their own sample ballots
  • Transferred ownership of Digitsec to Waqas Nazir
  • Closed ezCampaigns business and gave the clients lists and source code to a friend
  • Ranked 46th in Local Giving by Washington Business Journal in Washington DC area

2009 milestone

The year 2009 would be remembered in the annals of the Company’s history for induction in www.StateDemocracy.com of a seasoned entrepreneur, Frank Islam as Chairman to lead expansion efforts. The major accomplishments are summed up hereunder.

2008 milestone

The Company meanwhile picked up speed and started gaining good traction in the US and elsewhere. The inclusion of our name in the list of finalists for Greater Washington’s Minority Business Leaders by the Washington Business Journal was a major achievement for us. During the year, the Company revamped and launched a number of websites giving added features and fresh lease of life to them. Further, HometownAnnapolis.com ran a story on www.GolfFlyover.com where the Company was the technology partner in mapping over 14,000 golf courses in the US. Some of the foremost achievements of the year and the media coverage we got are listed in the following lines.

2007 milestone

We filed taxes for the year 2006 indicating revenue generation of more than $ 5 million. The profit, however, was not in commensuration to the business done. This was primarily because of factors like heavy investment of long-term nature, bonus and equity payments, etc. The year 2007 saw revamping of several websites and launching of few more. V-Empower, Inc. secured the distinction of achieving a growth of more than 9,000 per cent over a period of five years. It was adjudged the fastest growing technology company (ranked No. 1) amongst the top 50 companies as formally announced by Maryland Minority Research and Development Initiative MMRDI. It proved to be a major boost to the Company’s image.

2006 milestone

The company filed taxes for the year 2005. It excelled in terms of revenue during the previous year by achieving more than 300 per cent as compared to its immediate past. The company however lacked in profitability, and incurred losses. The losses were obviously on account of heavy investment in infrastructure and product development. During the year 2006, the Company focussed more on reaching out to new clients. It was under this strategy, V-Empower, Inc. took the initiative to help many non-profitable assignments both, in the US and in India. It was a feather in the cap of the Company’s website (www.indiademocracy.org) to have secured No 1 ranking from Alexa in June amongst the political websites in India. The other activities of significance are enumerated below.

2005 milestone

The financial report for the previous year was encouraging enough as the company for the first time made a profit. The revenue for 2004 too indicated a steep increase, crossing the threshold of 1 million dollar. It did motivate us a lot and gave us reasons for working with greater enthusiasm and energy. This focus during the year had been more on building-up of infrastructure and product development. Some of the products we came up with, have been detailed below. Further, we continued to receive press-coverage and media attention, especially in India. It has overall been a satisfactory experience.

2004 milestone

The year 2004 proved to be a hectic one with Company’s activities increasing many folds. We signed up 1st Consulting/Staff Augmentation Contract with Microsoft, Seattle. The financial report for the preceding year revealed a steady increase in revenue and a marginal rise in losses. The year also saw shifting of V-Empower, Inc.’s office to the new premises at Dana Chambers in Hyderabad. With the flurry of political activities and national elections in the US and in India, our company launched several websites for many candidates and political parties. We built most of the technology for Governor Howard Dean who was running for the Democratic Nomination for the US President. We also built the first ever political party website in India www.joincongress.com that was launched by the then-President of the Congress Party, Sonia Gandhi. We were covered widely by the media in the US and in India.

2003 milestone

The year saw for the first time a revenue generation by the Company. Though it was a modest one, it did kindle hope of better performance in the future. The losses that we suffered during the previous year were sizeable but not totally unexpected. We learnt a lesson or two to steer the company in the right direction. It is, however, noteworthy that the Company meanwhile caught the attention of the media and renowned newspapers both in the US and in India.

2002 milestone

The third year of the Company was very fulfilling one as we expanded www.statedemocrcy.com in the US and launched an App for Indian citizens to connect with their elected officials by the erstwhile Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh. We did the following in 2002

  • Launched www.ezCampaigns.com, www.ezCampaigns.com (we relaunched this in 2018 and propose to enhance in 2021)
  • Our first client and my friend, (Mohammad Chaudhary) introduced me to couple of his contacts to build their websites
  • Another friend of ours Mirza Mahmood Ahmad also awarded job pertaining to his company Adacellworks website
  • Launched www.JantaRaj.com (a Web-App similar to www.weblobbying.com for India)
  • Built 1st ever political candidate website for Jack Johnson, Prince George’s County State’s Attorney for his County Executive race (www.jackjohnson2002.com)
  • Built newly-elected County Executive Jack Johnson’s inaugural website

2001 milestone

The journey picked up speed during this year. It was for the first time that we filed our company taxes for the preceding year and opened a formal bank account. The year also saw the launching of several websites. The progress was slow, but nevertheless satisfactory.

  • Launched eStrawpoll - It was an online polling web application (This is not functional and we still own the domain)
  • Began working on www.v-empower.com (Corporate website)
  • Launched www.ezQuestionnaire.com - An online survey tool www.ezQuestionnaire.com (currently not functional)
  • Launched (www.StateDemocracy.com) This was first ever application which connected citizens in the US with their elected officials at both Federal and State level. (we operated this website)
  • Launched (http://web.archive.org/web/20011031212029/http://www.weblobbying.com/) - An application which facilitated unions, businesses, non-profit and advocacy groups to lobby legislators at both federal and state level (this application worked until 2008 and we lost the domain name due to non-renewal)

2000 milestone

Four Co-Founders, Shukoor Ahmed, Abdul Rahman Ahmed, Abdul Hannan Ahmed and Abdus Sayeed Ahmed had a brainstorming session about starting a cab company that would deploy the latest dispatching technology, make the drivers own the car and provide enhanced experiences to the consumers. Cab/Taxi industry was reportedly notorious in the mid-nineties and some of those who lived during the time would share horrible experiences with Taxi and Auto-drivers. We eventually fulfilled our dream of launching a company despite the fact that all of us were first-time entrepreneurs and our families and parents never seriously explored opportunities to start their own business. We took this journey with very little support from our families in the beginning and did not have to look back.

  • Registration of V-Empower, Inc. in State of Maryland, United States
  • Started with a team of 6 Programmers
  • Launched the first-ever application www.mddemocracy.com to connect Marylanders with their elected officials in early 2000 (we lost the domain-name due to non-renewal)
  • Began working on www.StateDemocracy.com