Privacy Policy

V-Empower GitHub Plugin for Microsoft Teams Application, Privacy Statement

Effective date: August 21, 2017

Thank you for using V-Empower Github Plugin (hereafter “Our Plugin”) in Microsoft Teams Application for accessing your GitHub Repositories. The data you transfer to or from Github platform and any information you provide for this purpose, is a serious responsibility, and this is how we will be handing it.

Our Plugin allows you to login into GitHub Platform using authentication credentials (userid and password) and authorize Microsoft Teams Application to enable you to access GitHub Repositories. We do not retain or use the data thus collected for any other purposes.

Our Plugin does not collect any other personal or non-personal information from you.

Our Plugin merely passes through any code or other data you transfer as a part of your GitHub Repositories, to or from the GitHub Platform. Therefore, we do not make or retain copies of your code or other data that you provide to GitHub Platform. Your use of GitHub is governed by GitHub’s privacy statement.

Changes to our Privacy Statement

V-Empower, Inc. may change the Privacy Statement from time to time as and when the Application version is modified and Users will be notified of any change in Privacy Statement through that version of the Application.

Contacting V-Empower GitHub Plugin for Microsoft Teams Application

Questions regarding V-Empower GitHub Plugin for Microsoft Teams Application Privacy Statement or information practices should be directed to