V-Empower offers a wide range of customized services and standard tools to fulfill the Information Technology needs of customers.
We have 17 years of experience in executing time-bound projects for governments, businesses and individuals in the areas mentioned below:

Web Application Services

Application Development Services:
V-Empower has a highly experienced team that is focused on reducing application environment costs, without compromising an optimized solution.

Application Management Services:
V-Empower looks holistically at applications, focusing on ensuring applications support the evolving needs of a business.
The team works to maintain, adapt, and develop applications in order to minimize cost and maximize quality and flexibility.

Application Migration Services:
V-Empower has 15 years of experience in moving businesses from unsupported legacy technology to customized solutions. This involves strategic business process flow, specifically looking at user-friendly, scalable solutions that are applicable for years to come.

Content Management Services

Retrieving and managing content is crucial to business decision-making. V-Empower leverages the following existing tools to make retrieving and managing information both cost-effective and efficient:

  • Joomla
  • Dolphin
  • Drupal
  • Mambo
  • Wordpress
  • Modx
  • OpenCMS
  • Magnolia

Microsoft BOT Framework Development Services

A bot is a systematic engagement tool that allows for automatic responses to users based on key words. V-Empower can assist in designing a successful bot service to see, hear, interpret and interact with users in a natural, intelligent way. Supports can be built for .NET, Node.JS and REST, and hosted on any reachable service, like Azure.

Contact us to improve operationally efficiency and resource alignment for your business through V-Empower’s bot development services.

Cloud Hosting Services

The V-Empower team has expertise working in Amazon Web Services (AWS). Service offerings include resolving challenges with existing AWS systems and managing transitions from traditional data centers to AWS.

Mobile Application Development

V-Empower combines the efforts of highly-skilled analysts, UX experts and software engineers to develop a wide range of mobile applications.

V-Empower’s offerings include app development for native platforms like iOS, Android and Windows or for cross-platform hybrid apps using PhoneGap or Xamarin.

Application Programming Interface (API) Development Services

An Application Programming Interface, or API, is a programming logic for accessing a web-based app. It is an integral part of any software application that enables interaction between the web and a mobile app in a set of request and response calls. It can help connect existing legacy systems to the external world, without having to write redundant lines of codes.

V-Empower leverages smart technologies for API development. Contact us for help in developing and integrating APIs for web, cloud and mobile applications.