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Message from CEO


We will be celebrating our 15th Anniversary in a few months. We have come a long way and have dealt with severe challenges over the past 5 years. Our very small and dedicated core team has worked hard in the last 6 months to deliver incredible solutions to our clients. We are currently working on developing the following Apps:

We are looking forward to continuing our incredible journey and are proud of the following accomplishments:

  • Creating over 255 Jobs in the last 15 years
  • Helping build 10 companies & mentoring several dozen entrepreneurs
  • Building 25 Applications from concept to delivery & 7 of them were sold successfully
  • Receiving numerous Awards and Recognitions
  • Ranking twice in Local Giving by Washington Business Journal 2009 & 2010 (5th & 46th)
  • Opening up all our source code to many Techies to build their own applications
  • Assisting over 115 Non-Profits in the last 15 years

Despite our challenges in the past 5 years, we were still able to stay creative and dedicated. Our technology has benefited many consumers and citizens. We have conceptualized, designed, developed, maintained and enhanced the following applications by:

  • Creating the 1st ever application which connected citizens with elected officials in 2000 (http://www.statedemocracy.com)
  • Creating the 1st ever voter registration application for County Executive Candidate in 2002
  • Creating the 1st ever voter registration and absentee ballot application in 2004
  • Creating the Crime Tracking tool in Prince George’s county in 2006 (www.crimeblotter.org)
  • Building the first application which allowed Democrats to lobby super delegates (www.lobbydelegates.com) in 2008
  • Creating www.golfflyover.com in 2008 and mapped 14,000 golf courses in about 6 months
  • Creating www.pgballot.com (2010). Allowing citizens to make their own sample ballot
  • Creating an iPhone Application for Marylanders to find their polling locations, confirming their voter registration & checking  the status of their absentee ballot application
  • Creating www.sendwithme.com with two teenage entrepreneurs
  • Launching mpConnect to connect citizens with MP’s in India

We are now a much smaller company due to realignment over the last 5 lean years, therefore we have carved specialized services and passed ownership to our key team members. Our primary focus for 2015 is as follows:

  • Building an app to bring Caterers together
  • Building an app for Democratic & Republican Presidential Candidates
  • Building an app for Prince George’s county local news (our local newspaper was shut down after serving 54 years).
  • Enhancing www.sendwithme.com & www.mpconnect.in
  • Teaming up with entrepreneurs to continue developing cutting edge technologies
  • Identifying and funding ideas as well as mentoring entrepreneurs
  • Staying innovative, visionary, and relevant

We will continue to keep you updated on a quarterly basis via email. Lately, we are leveraging social networks and we encourage you to get connected with us on the following social networks:

Thank you very much for taking the time to read this message and we are committed to serving our neighbors, helping our customers, empowering our employees & fellow entrepreneurs.

Thank you and have a terrific day.
Shukoor Ahmed.