What's the difference?

V-Empower - What's the difference
  • We develop Software and Applications in a cost effective manner with onsite and offsite experienced developers. Our approach can provide savings of over 50% to our customers.
  • Augmented Team Model helps you set up a dedicated team for your ongoing services. We manage and run day to day operations as your virtual company. This enables you to focus on building and expanding your core business or services.
  • We offer highly qualified and seasoned managers & technical expertise to lead your projects with minimal supervision. We have a proven record of successful executions.

What's new?

V-Empower - What's up
  • We are developing an application which will help domain name owners and brokers to manage, market and sell their domain names effectively.
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  • SendwithMe:

    An online platform for people to send or carry packages around the world. This App is currently being enhanced to improve ease of use.
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  • mpConnect:

    A mobile application to help constituents connect with their Member of Parliament in India. We are rolling this out in early October on both IOS and Android platforms.