What's the difference?

V-Empower - What's the difference
  • We develop Software and Applications in a cost effective manner with onsite and offsite experienced developers. Our approach can provide savings of over 50% to our customers.
  • Our Augmented Team Model helps you set up a dedicated team for your ongoing services. We manage and run day to day operations as your virtual company. This enables you to focus on building and expanding your core business or service.
  • We offer highly qualified and seasoned managers & technical expertise to lead your projects with minimal supervision. We have a proven record of successful executions.

What's new?

V-Empower - What's up
We have been busy lately and our dedicated team is focused on delivering superior products and services to our clients. We are excited to roll out many new Apps in a few months and they are:
  • An App to bring Caterers together
  • An App for Democratic & Republican Presidential Candidates
  • An App for Prince George’s county for local news (our local newspaper was shut down after serving 54 years).
  • Enhancing www.sendwithme.com & www.mpconnect.in

Stay tuned.